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UniQ Esports Club has come a long way since its conception in 2019, but despite remarkable growth and results, our foundations and core principles have never changed. As a premier organisation, we fundamentally aim to invest in and provide the best individual experience for each person we interact with, be it with our players & employees or our fans & customers. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built for ourselves within the Nordic scene, sharing our passion for what we do, with those who love Esports & Gaming.

With multiple titles, including 2x Telia Series Sweden victories, together with our unmatched 13-1 record in the history of the competition, and 2x Telia Masters appearances (with an overall 9-1 record) UniQ finds itself the most historically successful active Swedish organisation in League of Legends esports. 

Not only do our competitive successes speak for our expertise and approach, but we pride ourselves on our ability to benefit the careers and progression on every player, coach and member of staff that works with us.


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